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shinigamidesu's Journal

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Shinigami (しにがみ) - god of death
Desu (です) - polite coupla in Japanese

Overall, shinigami desu means "i'm a shinigami" in the polite form. I was inspired by Yamada Hanatarou, one of my favorite characters in the series, Bleach. He uses the polite form and says "shinigami desu" quite often. I think it's adorable. I started using it for my youtube account (the only thing i wanted that wasn't taken) and then i needed a new domain, so that popped into my mind!

Overall, shinigamidesu.com, is a gallery where i post my screencaptures, scans and other such that I find. It's members only, which means you MUST be a member to download, but registering is simple and easy!

This community is for my updates. I'd just as well rather have another place to post my scans and caps besides freak_icons. So, viola! If you're on livejournal and you're using my caps/scans, you can just credit here instead of the domain (they lead to the same place!)

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Early Bleach Episodes capped from my own Dvds (please support the bleach anime and buy yours today!)
*gallery script by 4images, edited HEAVILY by me.

want to affiliate? nity! Just post to any entry that you're interested. I'll affilate with graphic journals, scan journals, fandom journals.
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